The West End Farmers’ Market offers local farmers and specialty purveyors the opportunity to sell their locally grown and sourced ingredients directly to the customer. These RULES are intended to benefit both the merchants at the market as well as to provide an honest shopping experience to the customers. We will inspect and approve that the following rules are being followed on the opening day of the market. There will be one warning given and 30 days to comply if a rule is found to be broken before a non-refundable expulsion from the market.

West End Farmers Market Vendor Market Rules

  1. This is a local market. All products must be grown by the vendor on a local farm within an approved radius. Some exceptions for non-vendor grown but local product will be made at the discretion of the market management provided that the vendor providing the additional market product pays the market fee, that the product is needed and can’t be provided by the farm itself, and that there is no more than 10% of the additional product sold by your stand.
  2. BAKED GOODS AND PREPARED FOODS: Baked goods and prepared foods available at the market MUST be a showcase for the agricultural products that are available in our region. This includes, but is not limited to, eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat, honey, syrup. We believe that prepared foods absolutely contribute to the success of our market however, regional ingredients must be used whenever possible and even show-cased and promoted when used. There must be an effort to highlight various local foods each month. This link will help you to know what is seasonal in this area during the season:
    We are here to help, please contact us if you need help sourcing any product locally.
  3. Each vendor is required to have their own 10’ x 10’ tent, tables and chairs.
  4. All vendors must provide their own trash can & remove their own trash at each session.
  5. Signage is of the utmost importance and will be strictly enforced.  ALL vendors must have a minimum of a 3’ x 4’ banner with their information hung at the front or back of the market tent. Any vendor not having the required sign may not participate. Proper signage at the front of the stand is required as well clearly stating product, pricing and vendor name.
  6. All prepared food must be processed in a commercially – licensed facility and a proper board of health certificate must be completed. Send in a copy with your application.
  7. All vendors must carry and submit proof of liability insurance and must include a “hold harmless” clause including West End Properties and the West End Farmers’ Market.
  8. Each vendor is expected to be at the market every week without exception. In case of emergency, please message via Facebook page or email If you miss more than two markets, you may be asked to leave the market.
  9. All vendors must arrive no later than 8:30 am and be completely set up by 9:30 am. EVERYONE is expected to remain at the market until it closes at 1:00 pm regardless of product inventory. All vendors will be assigned a space on the opening day of the market.
  10. ALL vendors must park away from booths in the surrounding parking lot.
  11. Any Scale used for determining price will display a current legal inspection sticker
  12. A certificate of liability insurance is required with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00 comprehensive general liability including contracts, liability, products and completed operations and minimum coverage of $500,000.00 automotive liability and worker’s compensation at statutory limits. This Certificate of Insurance shall include an additional insured endorsement, naming West End Properties LLC and the West End Farmers’ Market as an additional insured.
  13. All appropriate licenses, certificates or permits to operate your business is 100% the vendor’s responsibility. Please see attached minimum Food Safety Requirements for Product Sales, this must be followed to sell at this market.
  14. Collected fees go towards advertising, equipment, maintenance, and other items as decided upon by the Farmer’s Market committee.